Awesome games from the far ends of the world!

One More Night

Game matches are played with one to four players. Game play is split up between two phases; day and night. During the day, players will have a few moments to access the shop to buy weapons, ammo, and buildings to help them to survive the coming night. Once the night phase begins enemies will start to spawn and target the players and their buildings.

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Bongo Bounce

Bongo Bounce is a game of getting the highest combos to get the highest score. Battle friends for the highest score! Simply tap on the screen to set a leaf and bounce the coconut to collect various fruits which result in combos. The longer you keep bouncing the coconut the higher the combo! Combos will also give you coins which you can use to purchase boosts to help gain even more combos!

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Sealife Scamble

Sealife Scramble is an endless swimming game where you race across the ocean floor, collecting starfish as well as avoiding enemies and obstacles. Who can swim the furthest and get the highest score? Compete against friends and collect starfish to purchase power-ups. This game is a must for all endless runner fans, with cool and colourful art and an ever present threat from behind who is always hungry.

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Stix is a turn based puzzle game of skill and strategy where each player must remove a stick from the a tower containing a number of precariously placed balls. You can play Stix with up to four players locally or against the crafty, devious mind of the game itself. Be careful though, don’t drop those balls as each one will add one point to the player’s score. At the end of the game the player with the lowest score wins.

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