One More Night

Early Access Available Now

Can you survive?

Gather some friends and find out


Try to survive as long as you can

As you survive longer, you'll face stronger, faster, and new types of enemies

One More Night is a 4 player action packed co-op top down wave shooter that will keep you on the edge of your seat struggling to survive just one more night!

Survival is easier with friends

Each match is 1-4 player co-op

One More Night is a co-op team based game. Invite 3 of your friends and come up with the best strategies together to survive as long as you can.

Build a base to help protect your team

Every building and tower has multiple upgrade levels

Get your team together, build towers, and prepare your defenses in an attempt to fortify your position as much as possible to protect yourself against the relentless horde of enemies!

Earn steam trading cards and achievements

70 achievements, 5 badges, 5 emojis, 5 steam backgrounds

Steam Trading Cards are virtual collectible cards you can get by playing Steam games. Collecting sets of cards will earn you collectible badges and items which can be used to customize your Steam profile.