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Big Red Planet
Based in Oceanside, California

Founding date:
Feburary 2014


Press / Business contact:


One More Night

1026 S. Tremont ST. #6
Oceanside, CA


Big Red Planet is a new indie game company comprised of an international team of passionate individuals all working together to achieve a common goal: To make fun games. At our core we are gamers, and we make games with one simple ideology: fun. As a team we have diverse backgrounds and cultures but have dedication, a free spirit and most important of all a common love of games. We eat, breathe and dream games and we put this passion of ours into creativity and hard work. We hope you will follow us as we work towards our dreams.



Big Red Planet was founded in 2014 by a few passionate developers with the goal of finding other likeminded devs and growing together as a team. After releasing a few small mobile games, we are taking all that we learned we are now working on a full on PC game, One More Night! After One More Night is released we plan to continue to engage in the OMN community and add further updates to the game. We also have big ideas for a few future games too!



Steam Early Access Trailer YouTube


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    One More Night

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    Steven Santos
    Lead Programmer