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Big Red Planet
Based in Oceanside, California

Release date:
November 18, 2016

PC / Mac / Linux (Steam)


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One More Night is a 1-4 player action packed co-op top down wave shooter that will keep you on the edge of your seat struggling to survive just one more night! Get your team together, build towers and prepare your defenses in an attempt to fortify your position as much as possible to protect yourself against the relentless horde of enemies!


One More Night is being developed by four people from across the globe. We are in our first year of development and recently launched to Steam Early Access on November 18, 2016.


  • In game shop to buy weapons, buildings and ammo
  • Online Co-Op Up to 4 Players
  • Building and Tower Upgrades
  • Player progression
  • 70 achievements


Early Access Trailer YouTube


One More Night Back in a Corner.png
One More Night Battle.png
One More Night Christmas Tree.png
One More Night Main Menu.png
One More Night Night 22.png
One More Night Open Sesame.png
One More Night Protect the Towers.png


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About Big Red Planet

Big Red Planet is a new indie game company comprised of an international team of passionate individuals all working together to achieve a common goal: To make fun games. At our core we are gamers, and we make games with one simple ideology: fun. As a team we have diverse backgrounds and cultures but have dedication, a free spirit and most important of all a common love of games. We eat, breathe and dream games and we put this passion of ours into creativity and hard work. We hope you will follow us as we work towards our dreams.

More information
More information on Big Red Planet, our logo & relevant media are available here.

One More Night Credits

Richard Zemore
Game Designer

Matthew Rousselle
Project Manager

Domonkos "Inki" Varga
Lead Developer

Andreas Gustafsson

Pau Damià Riera
Sound and Music Director

Steven Santos

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